Home- 2 Weeks til HBA

Being back in Iowa City has made me realise how much I’m going to miss it here. Sure, when I’m not here, it’s fun to joke about Iowa with other people.

“You say you’re from Ohio? The potato state?”

“Actually it’s Iowa. Corn and pigs.”

“Oh, I have no idea where that is.”

“It’s okay, you’re not missing much.”

Now I’m sure all people from Iowa have at one point in their life dissed their home state. I mean it’s impossible not to. Whether you make corny jokes about it, or just express your distaste for how bland it is, it’s all the same. I used to always talk about how much I hated it, how boring it was, how I couldn’t wait to leave, etc. But now, as I’m actually leaving, I’m realizing something I didn’t before. This is home. My home. No matter how boring and flat it may be (it actually is quite hilly here FYI), it’s still a part of me.

This has also led me to think about something: what is home? Is it more a physical, or an emotional place? I think this is quite subjective, but for me, it really is a combination of both. I have places I know are home. These include Iowa City, Marseille, and Big Sand Lake (my family has a lake home in northern Minnesota). Those are places I’ve been repeatedly, and stayed in for long periods of time. I know they will always be there. But on the other side, you can walk into someone’s house for the first time and you instantly know it’s home. Whether it be your friend’s house, or a nice bed and breakfast (really though, what’s the difference?), you feel that it’s a safe place full of love. A home.

Houston is going to become my home. I don’t know it well enough yet, but I know it’s going to have to be a place for me. And I think I can make it work. For the first time in my life, I’m going to be creating a home for myself. I’m kind of excited for it! Since I’m cooking, many foods can provide a sense of content and happiness I often associate with home. I can also (more or less) decorate my dorm room and take it from a place I have to live in to a place I want to live in. I’m glad I finally get to HGTV my life. I think that if I can accomplish all of these things, I will be in a successful place in my life. All because I will be home.


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