This post is going to consist of three shorter posts, as they happen before leaving. The first is about packing for moving, the next is about traveling to the airport, and the final is about arriving in Houston. Enjoy!


I don’t like this. It’s too many decisions. And memories. The worst are my socks. I’ve narrowed it down to 15 (16?) pairs; can you tell I like socks? But each sock I see brings up a different part of my life (I’ve had one certain pair of socks since the tender age of nine), and it’s hard. I’ve decided I really hate packing. One, because it’s hard. I have so many things that are crammed into my suitcases, and it takes so much time. But really, I make it take time. I could pack in a flash if I wanted, to be honest. But once you’re done packing, that’s the end. You’re ready to leave. That’s why I finished packing as I was getting ready to leave this morning. Because I don’t want it to be over. Since I’m done, now I can go. And I have to move on. And that’s really depressing. Good thing I have Beyoncé to cheer me up.

I believe packing is a metaphor for moving on in life. Some things, you take with you. These can be things that you bring because you like them, such as clothes, snacks, etc. Then there are the things you bring that you need, like laundry detergent, money, and others. But then you have to leave things behind. Sometimes you’re okay with leaving those things behind. For me, these were things that I didn’t really appreciate or use.  However, leaving behind all of my loved ones, my books, and so many more things was really hard. I feel like these concepts apply to life, too. Sometimes you just have to move on, and leave things behind you. And you can bring the good things with you. I think the worst moments are when you accidentally forget good things and leave those behind. Just like if you forgot your external hard drive at home. Thank goodness unlike life, some things are mailable. 


I feel like I’ve spent over half my life in a car. Or an airplane. Especially recently, when I drove back from Houston (two day drive) and then back and forth from Minnesota (16 hours round trip)! I don’t think I can sit in a car for one more second. As I play my music, I’m getting myself pumped for my trip (by sleeping) and trying to stay happy, but there is definitely a sad presence in our car. I know that later it’s gonna be really hard, saying goodbye to my mom. She’s been my rock all these years, raised me, fed me, taught me everything I know about being a good person, and I dont know what I’m gonna do without her. It’s gonna be tough. 

Okay, enough sad talk; I need to start being social in these precious final minutes. Being social is something that’s really hard for me, along with many other children this generation. I feel like it’s so much easier for us to just hide behind our phones and use the Internet as a mask. It can be when you don’t want to talk to someone (which is usually the case for me) but a lot of times, it’s when people don’t know how to communicate with someone. It’s something I’m seeing quite often can’t maintain a simple conversation in person, and with the exception of texting are really bad at communicating. I know I’m guilty of this. There are barely any kids who use email anymore, or (God forbid) write letters. I love receiving letters. Something like that brightens my day. Actually recieving a letter from a friend would probably make my week. You would think with the amount of technology we have, communication would increase and be easier, but it really isn’t. Okay. I really need to stop blogging and interact in person with my family. Cause I can blog all I want in Houston. But I can’t spend face to face time with them while I’m there. 


I’m in Houston again! It feels like I never went away, actually. Saying goodbye to my mom was one of the hardest things I’ve done. I’m just glad I had gotten up so early that I just fell asleep on the airplane and didn’t have to think about it. I’m gonna miss her, and it’s been weird having her around. Granted, not as weird as it will feel in the coming months. I’m used to being seperated from her in the summer, but after 6 weeks of being alone, I have no idea how I’ll feel. I’ll keep y’all posted on when I first break down emotionally:)

I’ve been here for about a week, and classes started three days ago. It’s really nice in the dorms, cause I don’t have a roommate!! Also, the walk-in closet isn’t so bad either. But it’s just a really nice atmosphere, and I feel like cooking for myself is already helping me grow up.

Today, I got a blood blister on my toe. I have no idea how it got there. I was fine during music class at noon, and then after classes at 4, I took off my shoes and saw it. I had felt a little discomfort during my last class, but I never expected it to look as bad as it did. According to The Almighty Google, you should not pop a blood blister, and you need to prevent friction. So tomorrow, my toes will be taped like the girls who have to wear torture chambers (pointe shoes). The Google also says it can take up to 41 days for a blood blister to heal on its own. I am not looking forward to this. However, I am enjoying the long days filled with my passion, and I’m actually also enjoying working on online school. It’s nice to be able to go at my own pace and review lessons (especially for math) if I need to before doing quizzes. I can’t wait to work even harder tomorrow. 


6 thoughts on “Segments”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Paul. So enjoy your shared thoughts and feelings. Your passion for dance will be your rock along with the love of your mom and extended family!


  2. Heyyyooo Pauilio since I want to make your week, you should give me the address of your fancy school so I can mail you letters


  3. You should give the name of your fancy school so I can write u a letter and feel all fancy. Maybe we can become pen pals! That would be great! I have the same weird thing where I absolutely love getting stuff in the mail addressed to me 🙂


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