RE: Dear Fat People

This is a different kind of post than I usually like, but something I want to address so bear with me! I was planning on my next post being about Beyoncé’s birthday which was yesterday, but I’ve decided to talk about something else. Namely, this video: (warning, contains some profanity) https://youtu.be/CXFgNhyP4-A

This video is a by a comedienne on YouTube, Nicole Arbour, who was making (as she claims) a satirical video. In this video, she makes fun of, and is downright mean to overweight people. She claims she is telling the “truth” and “helping fat people out”. I don’t buy it. When you say that “fat-shaming was made up by fat people” and that they should just “not be fat”, there is nothing funny or truthful about this. It’s just disgusting. 

I, myself, have never had issues with being overweight. I have however definitely been very self conscious about my body my whole life. I don’t know when or how it started, but ever since I was young, I’ve had lots of insecurities about the way I look and feel. Whether it be a close relative’s suggestion that I try a diet at age 9, or not wanting to go to the pool with friends because I was insecure about not having a shirt on, it was a problem. Thankfully, I’ve grown to accept my body as mine, and have become healthier mentally as a result. But it’s not that way for lots of people. Many people continually struggle in their daily lives because they aren’t confident in themselves. The mental battle is almost bigger than the physical. 

I know I’ve done this, but it’s not cute or funny to joke with your friends and say “oh I look so fat today” or “my thighs are so big” or even something like “you really shouldn’t eat that; it’s not good for you”. Think of how that translates to other people. Just look at yourself. Maybe you aren’t ripped like a body builder, or anorexic like a model, but you aren’t fat. You’re you. And you know that’s how you look. You can tell when you really are dealing with weight gain issues. But making a joke out of it can really hurt someone else. And I certainly have been on both sides of that. We need to stop it. And people like Ms. Arbour think it’s okay to do it. I can’t believe someone would say such harmful things and not think twice about sharing it with the world. 

I could get into many different sides of this argument, but I’m just going to leave it here. I feel kind of bad posting this, because I am sure Ms. Arbour posted her video for this exact purpose. She wants press. She doesn’t care if it’s negative or positive, but she will market herself in any way to have people talk about her. I know this because I’ve met people who function the exact same way. And it’s just sick. 

Love yourself, cause you’re the only you you’ll ever have. And don’t listen to other people, cause they’re just stupid and jealous. And someone out there loves you and cares for you, because I love you. Have a great day everyone. 


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