Catching Up, Food, and Paris

It has been absolutely forever, but I finally have a bit of time to blog again! Recently I’ve been quite busy with things such as studio series, my dad visiting, school, and Nutcracker rehearsals. Studio series is a series of performances where elementary school students come and watch the Houston Ballet Academy students perform every morning. It’s a great experience for the students and the kids.  For us, we get to perform more soloist roles than we would in other productions. For the kids, it’s great cause they’re exposed to dance at a young age. Something else that was fun was my dad coming to visit. I hadn’t seen him in person since March, so it was very overdue. I had lots of fun exploring lots of restaurants with him, and showing him my life here.

I have discovered a newfound passion for food (like I didn’t already) but I want to discover as many restaurants as possible in Houston while I’m here. If you want to see some of my food pictures, you can check out @pauleatsfood on Instagram. I’m thinking of maybe doing a blog post where I review the restaurants I’ve been to. I’ve experienced many different bread puddings recently. It’s been so much fun to try so many new and awesome foods. I never would’ve thought as Houston as a food city, but I was very wrong about that. I’m glad I’m a part of a culinarily active community.

Y’all have probably heard about the awful tragedy in France, and I’ve decided to address it a bit differently than I usually do. Enjoy my first “real” YouTube video:


4 thoughts on “Catching Up, Food, and Paris”

  1. Comme tu dis dans ta vidéo, la vie française est plus forte que tous ces idiots jaloux! Une phrase qui me fait beaucoup sourire: Tu c’est ce qu’est un Martyr? C’est quelqu’un qui veut devenir célèbre , mais qui n’a pas de talent….. Bises; Paps


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