Recently I’ve been really excited, cause next week is my favourite holiday, THANKSGIVING. I look forward to it every year. What I love about it so much is that it combines two of my favourite things: family, and food. However this year, one of those things will be missing. This is the first year (sadly not the last) that I will be spending Thanksgiving away from home and my family. Thankfully (no pun) I get to spend it with a close friend and family. Since I won’t get the opportunity to be with my family at this time, I’ve decided to think of a list of 10 things (not in any particular order) that I’ve been thankful for this year. This will hopefully connect me even more to my family, even if I’m not actually there.

  1. Food. You can’t have Thanksgiving without wonderful food. I am happy that I can afford to have enough food in my life, as many people aren’t as fortunate.
  2. Nutella. This is basically number one, but I like to keep it in a category of its own. Most people know me by a few things, this being one of them. Nutella is great for stress.
  3. Houston. I could not be more thankful to be here in Houston studying at this wonderful academy. I’m improving so much (at least I hope) and this is exactly where I need to be in my life right now.
  4. Family. Whether it be my actually family back home and elsewhere, or new “family” here, I couldn’t live without them. They are my rock, and have cared for me and helped me grow as a human being.
  5. Friends. I am thankful for the people who put up with me. Even if I have to pay them in fudge, other food, and kindness for them to be my “friends”, I love them nonetheless. I’ve met so many new and lovely people here who have had the best impact on my life.
  6. Netflix. Sometimes when you just need to chill, (again, no pun) Netflix is good. Whether you’re bingewatching Friends, or slowly making your way through AHS (it’s too darn scary), I’m thankful to have that as an option instead of food (they usually go hand in hand though).
  7. Musicals. Last night I got to see The Phantom of the Opera on tour and it was spectacular. Musicals get me so excited and make me really happy. Being in such an amazing cultural city is something do give thanks for.
  8. Dance. Being able to pursue passion every day has been amazing. I’m so thankful to have dance in my life, and be happy every day.
  9. My roommate. I’m glad I can have someone to complain to and laugh with everyday. It would be awful if we didn’t get along, but I’m thankful we do.
  10. Beyoncé. Here are all of the reasons I’m thankful for Queen in my latest video:

3 thoughts on “Thankful”

  1. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving, Paul. We enjoy your blog and videos. We, too, are far from family and have had to learn how to celebrate with friends which sometimes turns out to be even easier than negotiating all the past one has with family. Doing something for others (like organizing or putting on the feast) also takes one’s mind off the distance from loved ones.

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