Paul here, finally back from the dead. Recently life has been super overwhelming, and blogging has not been the first thing that comes to mind on my to do list. But I know that it’s therapeutic for me, so I’m back. 

Today, we had Saturday off. I normally have Saturday off, but today felt even more like a weekend since there weren’t scheduled classes for any level and we got out at 2 yesterday. After having my usual breakfast of yoghurt, a banana with almond butter, and a bagel, I decided I wanted some real food. I didn’t quite have the energy or motivation to cook for myself, so I decided to go out. I almost went to Tout Suite, a local cafe, but then I realised I still didn’t have the energy it takes to walk all the way there and back (a half hour walk is a lot when you’re tired). So, I settled on The Honeymoon Bar and Café, which is my go to café. About 3-4 blocks away from the ballet academy, it’s a great escape from the building I’m in 24/7. I think my roommate is a sick of hearing me talk about it all the time, but I really love it. They have amazing brunch options, as well as seperately lunch and breakfast items as well. I’ve never had anything from the bar (for obvious reasons), but if it’s as good as the food and café items, it must be pretty awesome.  


For lunch I ordered two sides. I almost added a side salad as well until I realized how ridiculous it would be to order 3 sides as a meal. The Greek yoghurt with granola is amazing. You can tell that the granola is homemade by the fact that it’s sweet, slightly warm, and perfectly textured to ccompliment the thick Greek yoghurt. It’s also nice that fresh berries are never out of season in sunny Texas. The fries are also a great option, and you can tell that they aren’t frozen. Then to drink I got an iced version (for a hot day) of my go to drink, a mocha latté with almond milk. I love their mocha lattés because they aren’t overly sweetened like some you might buy at a big franchise, and you can tell that it’s good coffee. 

Later that afternoon, my roommate texted me to see if I wanted to go out for dinner. I decided it could be fun to have a gastronomical day. We were going to go to Barnaby’s, a local diner-ish place, but they were closed by the time we arrived. He relieved my grief over the fact that I wouldn’t get to eat my favorite tuna burger by mentioning that he knew a good Thai place. We walked across town to go there, but it was closed. Luckily the third time was the charm when we went to El Big Bad. I’ve been several times, but it took me a really long time to realize that with the picture on their sign, it’s supposed to be the big bad wolf. I’m not that smart. In the past I’ve gotten enpoblanas, but today I decided to get a seasonal salad with shrimp. Rarely do you get a shrimp salad with steaming grilled shrimp on top. All of the components fit perfectly togther, but the shrimp really shined.  

 For desert, I decided to get a pear crumble, since my salad had pear in it. This was a mistake. It was absolutely delicious, topped with a white chocolate masa crumble, and served with local dulce de leche ice cream.

  However, my mouth did not agree with something in it. The more I ate, the more my lips and the back of my throat burned and swelled. This wasn’t a major reaction, but enough to know that I should stop about halfway through. I was so sad to leave it, but it was necessary. Thank goodness the swelling went down within an hour. Here ended my lovely Saturday off. 

Hopefully I can blog more in the future, especially about food! I love going to new restaurants all the time, so I think I want to blog about it more. Check out @pauleatsfood on Instagram to see what I’ve been eating recently!


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