My Goals for 2017 and Lent

I have something to confess: my New Year’s resolutions never last. Every year, I tell myself, “This year will different, I will be a new person, I’m going to succeed at my goals.” Who am I kidding? Quite honestly, a year is way too long to keep something up. And I know the mentality that once you form a habit, you can stick with it. But to me, a year is just so daunting. If you mess up one day early on, it seems like you just might as well not do the rest. However, some of my resolutions have stuck with me in modified ways. They weren’t exactly what I had planned, but they weren’t gone either. Some I also This year, my resolutions were:

  1.  Wake up at 5am to do the elliptical everyday. This happened once, but only because I was jet-lagged. Convinced that it was 11 am, I felt great. At least that day. At the same time, I really didn’t hate it! I’ve never liked working out. I find it boring,  hard, and it just wasn’t enjoyable. However, I found the perfect solution for these problems. Netflix. It makes it so it’s not boring because you’re experiencing new content, it’s not hard because you’re distracted from your pain, and it’s fun because you get to feel good about watching a TV show. I’ve been known to watch too much Netflix in the past. By combining this and working out, I have found a pretty good balance that is good for my health in the long run.
  2. Drink more water. This has been a work in progress. When I was training every day for ballet, it was hard to drink a sufficient amount of water and make it through even a one hour class. I have a very small bladder (thanks mom). However now that I’m home, I can drink as much water as I want without having to worry about interrupting class. I don’t know if I really feel a difference, but I’ve heard that it’s good for you so I’m going to keep with this habit! It also makes it a lot more fun if you use Nuun Hydration tablets. This year, I had the honor of being selected as a 2017 Nuunambassador! This is crazy to me, because most of the other people selected were “real” athletes (runners, bikers, swimmers, etc). Nonetheless, I’m thrilled that I can represent a product I love so much. Stay tuned for the end of this post for a special discount code (only valid through MARCH 31st!) for your purchase on their website!
  3. Do 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups everyday. …Hilarious.
  4. Give up social media. I actually did this one, I just started about 3 weeks into the year. I feel really good about this though, so I’m glad I kept it. I have been social media free (aside from Pinterest and this blog) for 77 days and counting. I feel very free. Quite honestly, I have so much to say about this one that I will probably do a separate post about it in the near future.

Flash forward a couple of months to March. Every year, I try to give up something for Lent. I’m not necessarily religious, but I’m not necessarily nonreligious either. However, I view lent as a short new year resolution. In my head, it’s a lot more attainable of a goal since it’s a shorter time. I’d already been kind of following my resolutions, kind of failing at them, so I needed something concrete and easy to do for lent. This year, I decided to give up all processed and added sugars, and I went vegan. And let me tell you, this has been a trip. For starters, sugar, dairy, and eggs are in EVERYTHING. My first trip to the grocery store right before Lent I was ready to cry. I’d be so excited cause I would find something that was vegan and tasted good, and then suddenly I’d see sugar as the first ingredient. It was such a pain to look in-depth at every label to see what I could and (mostly) couldn’t eat. Why did I decide to do this crazy thing? Well I have a few reasons.

  1. I’m lactose intolerant. Once again, thanks mom for these lovely genes. However the difference between me and my mom is that she is extremely lactose intolerant. No exceptions. For me, it’s less severe. So that provided me with some leeway to say, “If I eat this, I’ll be fine.” More often than not, this would result in bloating and extreme discomfort. However I continued to put myself through that pain. My mom would tell me, “Just don’t eat dairy.” But it wasn’t as simple as that for me. I’m half french. I love cheese! By going vegan, I had a strict moratorium on dairy so I really wouldn’t be able to have it. And so far, it’s been pretty nice to avoid that pain. Also, I’ve a pescetarian (vegetarian with fish and seafood) for almost 4 years so the transition wasn’t terrible.
  2. I get frequent migraines. Many studies have shown that cutting out sugar from your diet can help eliminate headaches. It’s become almost a trend recently to give up processed sugar, so you know what I did? I jumped on that train. And boy, is this hard. I didn’t give up maple syrup or honey (even though that’s not really vegan), because who wants to eat vegan waffles or oatmeal with no sweetness? By having to search for added sugars in foods, it’s really opened my eyes about how much it’s there. And since sugar isn’t listed at the bottom with the other common allergies, it makes it a lot harder to find it. If included on the allergy list, people could potentially avoid some of the bad  side effects of sugar. I don’t know if cutting it out of my diet has had a positive effect or not yet, but I think I am going to keep this one up after lent.

I hope this post gives someone something they can take away from it. Maybe it’s encouragement to stick to your goals, maybe I can use it to stay honest with myself about my goals, I don’t know. Do what you’d like with it. Keep some of the information, leave what you don’t like; it’s really up to you.

Here is my special Nuun offer code for you guys! And again, this is only valid through MARCH 31st, so get your discount while you can!

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Much love to everyone, Paul


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