My Goals for 2017 and Lent

I have something to confess: my New Year's resolutions never last. Every year, I tell myself, "This year will different, I will be a new person, I'm going to succeed at my goals." Who am I kidding? Quite honestly, a year is way too long to keep something up. And I know the mentality that once you form a… Continue reading My Goals for 2017 and Lent


Open Letter

It's been a while since I've posted on here. Almost a year in fact. But I'm back now. And I have some news to share. I quit my professional ballet training. I was doing a writing assignment for English and by the time I finished it, I realized it was a sort of explanation I could share… Continue reading Open Letter


Catching Up, Food, and Paris

It has been absolutely forever, but I finally have a bit of time to blog again! Recently I've been quite busy with things such as studio series, my dad visiting, school, and Nutcracker rehearsals. Studio series is a series of performances where elementary school students come and watch the Houston Ballet Academy students perform every… Continue reading Catching Up, Food, and Paris



Today marks the start of my 8th week at the Houston Ballet Academy. I cannot believe it has already been two months. It feels like just yesterday when I arrived here. Recently, I've had a lot of time  to think (a rare, but special, occurrence) about my future. Starting at a very young age, dancers… Continue reading Careers


RE: Dear Fat People

This is a different kind of post than I usually like, but something I want to address so bear with me! I was planning on my next post being about Beyoncé's birthday which was yesterday, but I've decided to talk about something else. Namely, this video: (warning, contains some profanity) https://youtu.be/CXFgNhyP4-A This video is a… Continue reading RE: Dear Fat People



This post is going to consist of three shorter posts, as they happen before leaving. The first is about packing for moving, the next is about traveling to the airport, and the final is about arriving in Houston. Enjoy! Packing I don’t like this. It’s too many decisions. And memories. The worst are my socks.… Continue reading Segments