Well, the day finally happened. I feel skinny. And I don't like it at all. For a long time now, people have told me I'm thin, but I never really believed it. I always felt round around the edges, and I always felt like how I looked wasn't good enough. I wanted to look like… Continue reading Skinny



Paul here, finally back from the dead. Recently life has been super overwhelming, and blogging has not been the first thing that comes to mind on my to do list. But I know that it's therapeutic for me, so I'm back.  Today, we had Saturday off. I normally have Saturday off, but today felt even… Continue reading Saturday


RE: Dear Fat People

This is a different kind of post than I usually like, but something I want to address so bear with me! I was planning on my next post being about BeyoncĂ©'s birthday which was yesterday, but I've decided to talk about something else. Namely, this video: (warning, contains some profanity) https://youtu.be/CXFgNhyP4-A This video is a… Continue reading RE: Dear Fat People